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01-12-2014, 01:49 PM
dear all, pranams. i am not asking about detailed procedure of sandhyavandanam as i allready know it and i do it daily. i know the spiritual benefits of sandhyavandanam like clearance of our conscience; elevation of soul; energising of chakras; clearance of our koshas and aura; getting a superior birth in coming or next lives. what are the other benefits of sandhyavandanam .any mythological stories or related articles related to this.any miracles associated with sandhyavandanam . any experiences.

with kind regards.

dr.omkara sreekrishna

13-02-2015, 11:24 AM
I would like to put forth a small story which I heard in the upanyasam of Brahmasri Sundarkumar:

A person who was the Chairman of a famous company was getting ready for his office. All his family members and servants were helping him to start as per schedule. After a clean shave and bath, he wore a new shirt and tie. Above that he selected a waistcoat and wore it. His suitcase and lunch bag were already kept in his car and the uniformed driver was waiting for his departure. He wore a neatly polished leather shoe. Finally when the Chairman came to board the vehicle, there was a loud laughter from the entire servants and driver. Only then he realised that he has forgotten to wear his pant.

Shri Sundar Kumar related this incident to a Brahmin who does all other worships perfectly including recitation of Vedas without doing the basic nithya karma of Sandhyavandan!