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05-12-2014, 11:28 AM
Pori Urundai
Aval Pori and Nell Pori are the two famous dishes prepared on the
auspicious occasion of Thirukarthigai/Karthigaideepam.

Aval Pori 4 Cups
Grated Jaggery 1/2 Cup
Finely chopped coconut pieces 2 Tablespoon
Cardamom powder 1 Teaspoon

Add jaggery in a pan with 1/2 cup of water and when it
dissolves it water take it and strain the jaggery water to avoid

Again boil the jaggery water along with coconut and keep
stirring it until the jaggery comes to stone consistency. This
means when we take a drop of jaggery juice and pour it in
water, it should not dissolve rather we should be able to make
a ball out of it.
Now remove the jaggery from flame and add the Aval pori/Nell
Pori and mix it well along with cardamom powder. Now the
Aval/Nell Pori mixture is ready.

Remove this pori mixture and place it in a paper. Make small
balls of Aval/Nell pori.
The delicious Aval/Nell Pori orundai is ready for neivedhyam.