View Full Version : Blessings for long life – ‘Ayushmaan bhava

25-08-2015, 03:15 PM
The commonly heard word of blessing from elders is to live long.
Elders bless us with
“Ayushmaan bhava” or “Deerghayushmaan bhava”
when we prostrate before them.

n today’s world of pollution, diseases and struggles of survival in all spheres,
this blessing may be viewed as a curse!
But if we know why long life comes as a blessing,
we may not consider long life as a curse but rather a real blessing
that helps us to make a way out of the bondage
from the world of samsara.
The term of life.

The ideal duration of long life is considered to be 100 years.
The four-faced creator Brahma in whose realm our world is moving forward
has a life of 100 years!

It is in line with this, a life of 100 years is
considered as the ideal or the maximum period
that one can wish for.

This does not negate the 120 year duration spelt by the
Vimshottari dasa system of astrology.
This dasa system is about
the cumulative longevity granted by all the 9 planets of astrology.
This differs in different systems of astrology.
For instance, the cumulative longevity given by 7 planets,
excluding Rahu and Ketu
is 7 years more,
i.e., 127 years, as per Pindayu calculation.
What is inferred from this is that it is possible to live long
for as many as 127 years
provided one’s birth has taken place at a time that guaranteed healthy and long life.

So all this tapers down to good health.
If one is in the pink of health, one need not worry about threat to life.