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10-08-2012, 08:04 PM
Tanjavur Cannon:

There is one object of heritage value in Tanjavur that not many visitors would have seen. It is the Tanjavur Cannon, a mighty Cannon of forge welded iron built during the reign of Raghunatha Nayak (1600-1645 CE). This 25 ft long Cannon weighs 22Tonnes. The outer diameter is 37 inches and the inner dia 25 inches can fire a cannon ball (iron) of 1000 Kg weight. No wonder it finds fourth place in the list of Largest Cannons fired in the World History.This forge welded iron Cannon is considered a metallurgical marvel by the modern Metallurgists.This Cannon was named "Rajagopala Beerangi" (Cannon), but popularly known as "Daasimettu beerangi" (தாசிமேடு பீரங்கி) is placed on an elevated (25'high) defense barricade at the eastern Rampart of the Tanjavur Fort. Surprisingly many people living in Tanjavur may not be aware of the existence of such a huge Cannon of importance in Tanjavur.
Since I stayed with my uncle on the same road on Rampart I saw this Cannon when I visited Tanjavur for the first time in 1946.