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23-08-2012, 10:20 AM
Bangalore - a century of tales from city & cantonment by Peter Colaco

Recently I finished reading a wonderful book "Bangalore - a Century of tales from City & cantonment" by Peter Colaco. The author who is born and bred-up in Bangalore, belongs to an illustrious Konkani speaking Roman Catholic family of Mangaloreans settled down in Bangalore. He reminiscences the life around him in all its glory during 50 years from his personal experiences in entertaining anecdotes. Paul Fernandez has illustrated the book with his witty sketches.

Here is a humorous piece from the book centering around the big families of his time.

"Family legends abound. When the tally has reached 17, Grandpa 'P.G.' was working in the MGID building next to the high court. It was a pleasant stroll across the Cubbon park, so he walked home for lunch. Those were the days.

He was always a bit preoccupied with affairs of the state, but not blind to the world about him. One day he saw a little boy, crying in the park. Grandpa resorted to his solution for most problems. He took the boy home to his wife, to be fed, consoled and sent back to his parents, whoever they might be. 'Rose' , he said, 'I found this boy crying in the park.'

'Little boy ? Lost in the Park?' said Grandmother with some asperity. 'Don't you know your own son Alphy?', number 13. Alphy, says the story is a myth. But, even if it was true, it was not inconceivable for grandpa to mix children up. The house was always full of children, theirs and other peoples.Their home was always open to 'adopted' children; adopted because they were partially or wholly orphaned."

I am sure old Bangalorians will enjoy reading this book.