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26-08-2012, 08:42 PM
Goodness of Human Nature

I give below the URL of a poignant account of goodness of human nature given by Brig(retd) Mehboob Qadir of Pakistan Army during his incarceration as a POW in India. How true his words are " Victorious or defeated, human sentiments are universally the same. Grief pains and happiness pleases without exception."


By birth human nature is wonderful.All things required for good living are provided in plenty by nature to share among living beings. The seeds of negative thoughts are sown by external forces inimical to goodness. Look at the Cinema world of today. Heroism is highlighted by unwanted death and destruction. Love is negated by lust. Sheer exhibition of such things influence many innocent minds.
I feel happy when I read such incidents which high light the goodness even amongst the enemies. I wish many such incidents are brought to the notice of members in our forum.