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06-09-2012, 08:37 PM
Nowadays more and more people opt for eye donation after their life; the relatives and friends give consent for organ donation for brain dead relatives; i was told by my Sasthrigal that 'organ donation ' is not allowed after one is dead, but can be done when one is alive.but even for that one has to do 'Pariharam" as the body is not full for final rites.
I feel that there must be some "Pariharam' by Karthas if organ donation is done after death like eye donation.
Organs like kidney, heart, liver etc are harvested and used to save some other life and it is noble act. Wish to know "the Pariharam" for doing such noble act Members please share your thoughts on this. Thanks.

06-09-2012, 08:52 PM
Donating of Organs is not explicitly prohibited by shastras.
So it has to be derived from other examples.
But at the same time, there are lot of examples in puranas for donating organs.
In the lineage of 'kuru' vamsa a king transferred the youthfulness of his son to enjoy.

In all our karmas, you can see, all the used materials like:
dharbha pavitram, leaves, paristharana dhabhams, parithi samithu etc. are instructed to burn in the fire after usage.

Likely, the cloth used to bear the pindams for ten days also instructed to make in to pieces before throwing it.
The basic purpose of this doing is: the things used for one person and one karma should not be used for other things.

Actually the limbs of a brahmin is prohibited to leave available, because which can be used for wicked and evil works
by some manthrikas.

So, as per my opinion, it can not be recommended or supported by anybody,
then it is one's own decision and willingness, whether to donate or not.