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18-03-2017, 02:35 PM
Namaskaram Anna

why don't you do that, all the aged vaitheegal whoever can not be able to do vaitheegam, but they need money for their jeevanam.
They may be alone or thampathigal. Every month one city, one place arrange them in a chatra or mandapa, put in news paper whoever wants to get ashirvatham from them they can come with donations, donations may be money, pure rice, new vastram, etc.

so that they donators do namaskaram in front of all the aged and elders vaitheegals and get ashirvadham from them with full satisfaction. so the donaters keep in their mind for every time they have to do something for them.

its my suggestion. don't mistake me. if it acceptable you can proceed further. if not please ignore and advise am accepting your words.

with namaskar
Kalidoss V

18-03-2017, 04:05 PM
Wonderful idea but why this much hesitation?
The idea and its intention is very good but it has lot of practical difficulties to implement.
First of all we need a list of poor vaideekals to accept these kind of donations and to come forward
to gather in a place in a particular day and time.

I hope, there will be very rare percentage of vaideekals only will be there
we have to try to get that data first.
Any how I salute your intention.

18-03-2017, 05:23 PM
Dear Anna

Thank you for your kind consideration. Not only vatheekal, if any aged Brahmins but they don't have any relative/guardians to take care of their final life stage till their end. Instead gathering one time in one place, why don't we identify them and do something for them to visit their place.
We need to identify them and we have to do something good for them. How many members in this Brahmins net. Each member if they are donating minimum amount based on their standard of living, we can accumulate that amount and make shelter for them, food for them and medicine for them all can be done by bhaghavan ashirvathathoodu. I hope this will be worked out. Every member of this group can identify and share the aged vatheekal and aged Brahmins couple / single details with this forum. But practically it will take long time. I hope it will happen one day.

with namaskaram,
kalidoss V

18-03-2017, 05:42 PM
Very good and novel idea. I think, the Sankara Math and Kanchipuram has collected the details and disbursing the amount.

18-03-2017, 06:05 PM
Yes, Even more good but more risk and more practical difficulties.
It can not be done without forming a trust with a group of like minded people.
Many may come forward to donate but finding of generous persons to do voluntary manual work
many involved in this task may cumbersome.

One thing can be done, we can create a trust and a corpus fund then advertise about our intention in religious neighborhood magazines
to arrange a meeting by gathering at least 50 or so elderly brahmins to get the monitory benefits by the trust
and also advertise to reach the grahastas whoever willing to get the blessings can also come and benefited.
They can also contribute their own to the brahmins are to the trust.

Also, a religious function like Sudharsana Homam can be done for the benefit of gatherings by getting their details for sankalpas.

1996 to 2000 I did more than 50 Sudharsana Homams in our residence for the benefit of general public by getting only Rs.100/- to
participate in the sankalpa. Everybody was given homa prasadam and Chitrannams like Lemon Rice, Tamarind Rice, Sweet Pongal, Sundal like that.

Let us consider if bhagavat sankalpam develops this good intention by getting more inputs from more members.
Thank you.

20-03-2017, 11:30 AM
Respected Sri N V S,
I welcome and support the idea put forth by your good self to help the poor brahmin Vaidheehas in their old age. With proper introduction by honest people like your good self many of us may contribute in small or big to help the needy.
"சிறுதுளி பெருவெள்ளம் ஆகுமே"
Warm regards,

20-03-2017, 05:59 PM
Respected Brahmanyan Sir,
Thanks for your trust.
If I could get a support of a team of good hearted members to form a trust
it will be possible to proceed.

I could plan the programs- Coordinate and execute but it requires lot of physical works
to go here and there to collect various things and all for every meeting which can only be
done with the help of young and energetic peoples voluntary support.

Let us hope for the best.

22-03-2017, 08:48 PM
Respected Sri N V S,
I fully agree with you on the point of physical help required to run a group however noble be the intentions. I have the experience of starting and running such welfare groups during my active professional years including Credit society, Welfare fund and Housing society. Now due to advanced age, I could not participate in any physical activity. I am sure there will be some one who will come forward to help
Let us hope for the best.
Namaskaram and warm regards,

26-03-2017, 12:13 PM
Dear Members,

I hope many members will like thin intention. So please cheers up and put on your hand together.
This could be possible one day. Volunteers who energetic and young they can come forward for doing this with helpful mind.
Bhagvan grace and senior supports this can happen one day.

With Namaskaram
Kalidoss V

26-03-2017, 07:29 PM
I am ready to contribute Rs. 5000/- as initial contribution and I am ready to contribute Rs. 1000/- per month
I request all members to mention their contributions and interest in this matter.

27-03-2017, 02:36 PM
Our District Vaathiyars Assocation has doing the same purpose of helping Age-old vaitheegas by giving Rs.5200/- as monthly pension from the association fund, purely their members contribution and brahmins donation. Every members of the association must contribute 10 percent income on every karmas. The rates for the karmas are below normal and obtain donations from the karthas on every karmas for this beneficiary fund. Brahmins are not worring about conducting their functions without shortage of Vaitheegas or pithur brahmins.

In this Association Karma Rates are announced every year in the month of April to every individual by sending
letters. Revised rates will be effected from the June i.e AANI month onwards. ( usually a rise of 5 to 7 percentage normally or same) The same way pension amount to increase in the same ratio. This system is going for the last 12 years.

We more than 10000 brahmin families are benefiting with their low cost charges, punctuality in attending, hassle-free services. These 10000 brahmins will pay an average of 500/- per family per year as donation to the fund.

Yearly twice, On the Srartha days, I am giving Rs.3000/- as donation for this purpose. Every year, they are giving account statements about the income, expenses, pension amount to whom paid, etc.

I am also suggesting the same way to help Old-aged Vedic Vaathiyaars.

Every brahmins should pay on their srartham or any other karma days at a minimum contribution of Rs.100/- towards welfare fund.

This is the way brahmins should act positively. I am really proud to say about our Vaathiyars those who sacrifice their life for the community development,of course their earning for their livelyhood. Vaathiyaars are only common connecting and contacting persons to all brahmin families living in various places.

There will be lot of draw backs in every activities, but ignore them and move successfully. That's the secret of victory,

Warm regards,


This is the way brahmins should act positively. I am really proud
to say about our Vaathiyars those who sacrifice their life for the
community development. Vaathiyaars are only common
connecting and contacting persons to all brahmin families living
in various places.

There will be lot of draw backs in every activities, but ignore them and move
successfully. That's the secret of victory,

Warm regards,


27-03-2017, 04:12 PM
Dear GGmoorthy Anna

Good to hear all about. Thanks for sharing. Yes based on every members affordability they can contribute from their income minimum amount Rs.100 on the karma days what they are doing or any other occasion days. Small drop will become a ocean.