02-06-2017, 06:08 AM
During vishu yellow flowers called Konna Poo is offered to lord krishna while keeping vishu kani. These flowers have a story behind it.

Once in a small village a zamindar had employed a priest to do pooja in temple. The thirumeni daily comes to the temple with his son who is about five years old. while the priest performing his duties inside the temple, the son used to play around the premises of the temple. Everyday afternoon the father used to sleep in the frontyard of the temple and the boy used to play nearby. With his half closed eye he used to watch his son enjoying in playing. The fact was that unni krishnan used to come out of the temple and play with the little boy and so the boy was enjoyng and playing as if he is playing with group of boys, laughing, screaming, running. Once on the previous day of Vishu, the father cleaned the temple premises, tired and slept outside of the temple. He told his son to play nearby not to go far off and the boy was playing near his father. On that afternoon kutty krishnan gave his waist belt which was full of golden bells to the boy as the Vishu Kaineetum. The boy was very happy to receive, and while gazing at it, the zamindar saw the golden waistbelt of Krishna in the hands of the boy. He immediately called all villagers and declared that the father and son had stolen it. The father started crying and pleading that they have not stolen anything and he could not tolerate people calling his child a thief. He beat him and threw the chain out into the garden. The chain got stuck on a tree and the tree suddenly bloomed with yellow flowers.These flowers are called as konna poo which are even today offered to lord krishna in the vishu kani because it pleases lord krishna and reminds of his love for the small boy who was very dear to him.


Kanikonna is the state flower of Kerala. The lovely yellow flowers are used in Vishu Festival in the state. Gold shower flowers are used to adorn the Kani, with their bright yellow color, symbolizing Surya, the sun God, who is a symbol of ever flowing grace and auspiciousness.It is evident from religious the books that this flower was spread on every feet area of the state. Lord Vishnu once thought that this beauty should be spread in other parts of the country and he took the bunch of flowers and flew it in various directions. Since then various states of the country received this lovely and calm flower tree. It is also described in "Kalki Puran" that in last few centuries, this world will be covered with this tree and the beautiful yellow color will erase all the disputes.This golden flower only blooms when the sun is in its most exalted position astrologically—the month surrounding Vishu.In God's creations there is purpose in everything.