View Full Version : Wish to know the Significance of Manjal pillayar Puja in Ganesh Chathurthi Puja

21-09-2012, 11:37 AM
Dear Sir
I can understand doing Manjal Pillayar Puja in Pujas other than Vinayaka Chathurthi, but Vinayaka Chathurthi puja itself is for Lord Pillayar, then why another Manjal Pillayar Puja before the main idol Puja as the main Idol itself is the remover of obstacles

21-09-2012, 02:19 PM
In general each pooja is having (1) poorvaanga pooja; (2) Pradhaana pooja (3) Uthraanga pooja (4) Punarpooja.

In poorvaaga pooja: aasana pooja; bell pooja; vigneswara pooja; kalasa pooja; Sanku pooja; Athma pooja; peetam pooja; dhyaanam and Praana prathistai will be there.

Pradhaana pooja: For example SARASWHY POOJA: Sankalpam.; dhyaanam; aavaahanam; Paadhyam; argyam; aachamanam; snanam; vasthram; poonal; sandal paste applying; akshadai; pushpa maalai; archanai; anga pooja will be there.

UTHARAANGA POOJA: Dhoopam. deepam; neivedhyam; Thaamboolam; camphor aarathy;manthra pushpam; chathra, chaamaraathy Raajopachaaram.pradhakshinam; namaskaram Praarthanai; argyam; upaayana dhaanam will be there.

PUNAR POOJA:On that day or on the next day You are starting from argyam.. paadhyam. etc;neivedhyam. aarathy. udhyaapanam will be there.

All these combined together is one pooja. So we have to do vigneswara pooja in the poorvaanga pooja and in the main pooja vinayaka pooja is coming.

In Homam (haven) also there are Poorvangam, pradhaanam, and uthraangam is there.