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19-04-2018, 03:58 PM
Below : A great desh bhakt PM Narendra Modi brings hope to 1 billion Hindus.
Hullo Narendra Modi , listen up -- Spending thousands of crores to clean Ganga will not help until its normal flow is restored. .

A quarter century ago, I had an argument with a Dutch river pilot . When I pointed out some white chemical ( Styrene ) foam in water river water and a dead sea gull , he ridiculed the holy river Ganges .

I instantly busted his bubble by telling him that the Ganges which flows from the mythical hairlocks of Lord Shiva is self cleansing due to the action of bacteriophages , silver/ himalayan salt colloids and hyper oxygenation—and it is the only river on the planet which has this ability.


He expostulated— BACTERIOPHAGE whaaaaa ?

I replied – Bacterio fu#kin' phage indeed !

Bacteriophage, is a virus, any of a group of viruses that infect bacteria—it literally means "bacteria eater" .

Thousands of varieties of such phages exist, each of which may infect only one type or a few types of bacteria.. The nucleic acid may be either DNA or RNA and may be double-stranded or single-stranded.

During infection a phage attaches to a bacterium and inserts its genetic material into the cell. After this a phage follows one of two life cycles, lytic (virulent) or lysogenic (temperate). Lytic phages take over the machinery of the cell to make phage components. They then destroy, or lyse, the cell, releasing new phage particles.

After the discovery of antibiotics in the 1940s it was virtually abandoned. With the ever increasing rise of anti-biotic resistant bacteria , phages will now command fresh attention.

More than 120 years ago there was a cholera outbreak in India and dead bodies were dumped in the upper river. Yet strangely Ganges water did NOT spread the cholera down the river .

A British bacteriologist by the name of Dr Ernest Hankin found that colonies of cholera bacteria that thrived in ground water quickly died in Ganges water. He pursued his experiment by using boiled Ganges water and filtered Ganges water.

To his surprise, while the filtered water ( which could not hold back nano colloids ) continued to show an antibacterial effect, the boiled water did not. Heating water flocculates ( agglomerates ) and sediments the magic colloids and also kills the magic bacteriophages.

Ganges is heavily populated with phages which multiply rapidly , travel fast and home in on targets . They are harmless to humans because they are strain specific. This means phages that infect the cholera bacterium can only infect the cholera bacterium and no other bacteria.

When a bacteriophage finds a bacterium with proteins which match its receptors, it can insert DNA or RNA into the bacterium and direct the organism to start producing replicas of the virus.

In the process of replicating the bacteriophage, many bacteria will experience lysis, in which they literally explode as they become overloaded with viruses.

Unlike antibiotics, phages take out the pathogen without harming the natural flora and friendly bacteria present in the body . The EVIL PHARMA has killed all effeorts to revive phage research. Bacteriophages which are viruses infect and kill their host bacteria by a magical SEARCH AND DESTROY action.

Phages have been keeping keeping bacteria in check for three and a half billion years! Antibiotics have been around for a few decades are they are already failing to do their job.

60 years ago people would put a few drops of Ganga water into ponds and it would kill all the bacterial growth. Even today the polluted Ganga that kills pathogens twenty-five times faster than any other river. But with the onslaught of toxic chemicals from tanneries this rate has slowed down.

Dams have prevented the phages from doing their job. There are phages for all bacteria. A cholera phage can only attach to a cholera bacteria, an E. coli phage only to that specific E. coli and so on. They simply bide their time until they can sense that bacteria .
A phage or virus is a kind of macromolecule. It cannot replicate itself in nature. It has to penetrate the body of a suitable host and use its mechanism to replicate. It can hang around in shady waters for years, but you won't notice it because there is no host. It will only express itself when there is a bacterial host.
Without a host in sight it just remains dormant. The phage that will kill cholera will not kill shigella dysentery even though they are both diarrhoeal diseases. And one that kills shigella will not kill typhoid, and so on.
The bacteria which phages feed on can come from human bodies when they bathe. The human body in water in fact acts as a catalyst. The higher the concentration of bathers the more food for the phages to feast on. So wherever there are major bathing festivals like the Kumbh mela,phages will flock.

Isko boltha hai Bhagwaan ki leela !