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04-05-2018, 11:17 AM
Raamaaya Ramabhadraaya Raamachnadraaya Vedhase
Raghunaathaaya naathaaya Seethaaya: pathaye nama:

There are seven names of Sri Rama mentioned in this one slokam.Let us try to look at the appropriateness of each name.

1. Take the first name Raama. Only a few people were authorised to address Lord Raama as just Raama and who are they? Dasharatha Maharaja, queens Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra, and Sages Viswamitra and Vasishta and people who were very close to Him.

2. Raamabhadra: The word Bhadra means all is safe. So it is said that this name was used by the employees of the royal army ( like army chiefs and lieutenants) to address Him. They wanted to report that everything is safe and just by listening to the way they address Him, Lord Rama understands that everything is safe and in order

3. Raamachandra: Citizens of Ayodhya saw him as Raamachandra because He radiated sweet, cool, and peaceful vibrations like a moon did at night time. When they could not see the beautiful face of Ramachandra, their minds became sad like dark moonless nights.

4. Vedhasey : Vedhase means one who is knowledgeable. Vasishta, Viswamithra and other sages knew that Raama was the avataar of Vishnu Bhagavan. So among them they mentioned his name as Vedhase.

5. Raghunaathaaya :In the king's royal assembly ,the saamanta kings, King's own chiefs and respected guests of honor addressed Him as Raghunaatha, meaning The Lord of Raghu Vamsam. Lord Rama was the great grandson of King Raghu. Raghu's son was Aja, Aja's son was Dsaharatha and then Lord Rama.

6. Naatha: Sita Devi alone can address Him as Naatha, which is used to show utmost love and respect.

7.Sita pati : When Rama goes to visit Videha raajyam or Sita Devi's country, citizens of that country call Him Sitapathi. Why? Because they are connected to Him through Sita and they always called Him Sita pathi.