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The seven steps around the fire represents seven promises taken by newly married couple in the presence of the fire. In Hindu religion, he is believed as the maintainer of life. He carries the fruits of the yajna performed by us. So seven steps are done in presence of fire. These are called as SaptaPadi meaning seven steps in sanskrit. The couple take seven revolutions around the fire taking seven promises.
The following are the vows taken by the groom :
1.'इष एकपदी भव-सामामनुव्रताभव-पुत्रान्*विदावहैबहूंस्*तेसंतुजरदष्*टय:

O' bride you have walked one step with me. Now we have become friends;hence you will become provider of food.Help me to fulfill my vowed religious observances (vrats). May we have many sons and may they have a long life.

उर्जेव्*दिपदीभव-सामामनु० ।।(The rest should be chanted like the mantra at number 1 and the same should be repeated when each mantrai chanted.)
O bride, you have walked two steps with me; hence may you become one who will give me strength.

रायस्*पोषायत्रिपदी भव० ।। (Rest as No.1.)
O bride, since you have walked three steps with me, may you become one who will increase my wealth.

मायोभव्*यायचतुष्*पदी भव० ।। (Rest as No.1.)
Since you have walked four steps with me may you increase my happiness.
प्रजाभ्*य: पंच*पदी भव० ।। (Rest as No.1.)
Since you have walked five steps with me, may you give birth to children.
ऋतुभ्*य:षट्* पदी भव० ।। (Rest as No.1.)
Since you have walked six steps with me may you give me pleasure in all seasons.
सखासप्*तपदीभव० ।। (Rest as No.1.)
You have walked seven steps with me, hence our friendship (relationship) has become strong.
The following are the vows taken by the bride :

त्*वत्तो मेऽखिलसौभाग्*यं पुण्*यैस्*त्*वं विविधै: कृतै: ।
देव ! संपादितो मह्यं वधूराद्ये पदेऽब्रवीत्* ।।
O Lord! I have had the good fortune of acquiring you due to the various types of merits acquired by me in various births.
कुटुंबं पालयिष्*यामि ह्यावृद्धबालकादिकम्* ।
यथालब्*धेन संतुष्*ठा व्रते कन्*या व्दितीयके ।।
I will look after your entire family, from the infant to the aged and will be happy with whatever I get for my sustenance.
मिष्*ठान्नव्*यंजनादिनी काले संपादये तव ।
आज्ञासंपादिनी नित्*यं तृतीये साऽब्रवीव्दरम्* ।।
I will always abide by your directives and will regularly cook delicious food, vegetables, etc.
शुचि: शृंगारभूषाऽहं वाङ्*मन: कायकर्मभि: ।
क्रीडि ष्*यामि त्*वया सार्धं तुरीये सा वदेव्दरम्* ।।
I will embellish myself with clean attire and will indulge in sexual play with you through acts with the mind, speech and body.
दु:खे धीरा सुखे हृष्*टा सुखदु:खविभागिनी ।
नाहं परतरं यामि पंचमे साऽब्रवीव्दरम्* ।।
I who face sorrow bravely and remain pleased in happiness will share both your happiness and sorrow and will never indulge in adultery.
सुखेन सर्वकर्माणि करिष्*यामि गृहे तव ।
सेवा श्वसुरयोश्चामि बन्*धूनां सत्*कृतिं तथा ।। यत्र त्*वं वा अहं तत्र नाहं वञ्*चे प्रियं क्*वचित्* । नाहं प्रियेण वञ्*चा हि कन्*या षष्*ठे पदेऽब्रवीत्* ।।
I will happily perform all your household chores. I will also serve my in-laws and will respect other relatives. I will stay wherever you stay. I will never deceive my beloved (master) and will never get deceived by him.

होमयज्ञादिकार्येषु भवामि च सहाय्*यकृत्* ।
धर्मार्थकामकार्येषु मनोवृत्तानुसारिणी ।। सर्वेऽत्र साक्षिणस्*त्*वं मे पतिर्भूतोऽसि सांप्रतम्* । देहो मयार्पितस्*तुभ्*यं सप्*तमे साऽब्रवीव्दरम्* ।।
O master! I will assist you in the rituals of sacrificial fires (homa-yajnya), etc. and will obey you with regard to Righteousness (Dharma), wealth (artha) and desire (kama). Here, in the presence of the deity of fire (Agnidev), the Brahmans, my parents and relatives you have become my master and I have offered my body unto you.

The above are the vows taken by the bride and groom separately. On the whole the meaning of each step is as follows.

First step- For nourishment of each other

Second step- To grow together in strength

Third step- To preserve our wealth and become rich.

Forth step- To attain happiness and harmony

Fifth step- To care their children, in-laws and relatives.

Sixth step- For Long life togetherness.

Seventh Step- Life long loyalty unity and all goodness forever.

All gṛhya sūtrās speak about seven steps only. The sath phera or seven circumambulations around the fire is a recent development and not said in any gṛhya sūtrās.

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Sorry for pointing out a typo error. It should be SAPTAPATI, SEVENSTEPS. Satapati means a Hundred steps.
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