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30-05-2018, 07:53 AM
Are you GOD
You are Atma which is part of Paramatma, realize it in this very life itself !!
We were all expecting Swami to emerge from the doorway at any moment.
Appearing suddenly, Swami walked into the garden among us. (Those were the days!) He stopped not far from where I was standing. A young Indian, probably in his early twenties, stepped boldly in front of Sai Baba, and even more boldly asked the question, "Are you God?"
The hush that fell over the group of men seemed expectant, and yet somehow fearful. But Swami was his calm, normal self. He pointed his finger at the young man and replied, "You are God!!!"

He then gave a simple revealing yet profound talk that God incarnates in every man and woman born on earth but we are not aware of this wonderful truth, although perhaps sometimes dimly aware.

Swami told us that, "Our very purpose in being born as a human being, is to work towards the realization of the great truth of our Divinity. The ones who are called Avatars are those who are born with the knowledge of this great truth of their identity with God."

And so Swami said, "The only difference between you and me is that while you are avatars and you do not know it, I knew it from the time of my childhood. When I tell you that you are God, that God is within you all, you may or may not believe it, but you have to do more than believe it.

You must by the life you live, and through your Sadhana (Spiritual practice) reach the point where you experience your own Godhood."

Someone had narrated the story of a man who, sitting on the roof of his house during a rising flood, refused all help from men in boats and helicopters who tried to rescue him, saying, "Don't bother, I am waiting for God to save me!!!"

A boat came & then a helicopter to rescue him but he said"I am waiting for God to rescue me". When in due course, he was drowned, and his soul finally stood in the presence of God, he said to the Almighty, "I prayed to you to save me, but you did not."

God replied "I sent rescuing boats and a helicopter to take you off your roof and save your life but you had forgotten that all helping hands are my hands!!! It was 'Me' in those rescue boats!!!"

Man's life is like a garland, with birth at one end and death at the other. Between the two ends are strung together flowers of all kinds - troubles, worries, joys, sorrows and dreams. Few are aware of the string that runs through all the flowers. Without the string there can be no garland. Your sole objective is to recognize this Divine string!!! Whatever God or Form you worship, see 'That God or 'Form' in everyone & everything "