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A lady who was a fervent devotee of Maha Periyava came to him and asked, "Periyava, everyone is telling me to donate my eyes after I die so that it will be useful for someone, shall I donate?"

"NO" came the sharp reply from Periyava.

She saluted the great Saint and left. Then she donated some money instead of eyes.

Periyava says………..

"First of all, any donation [dhaanam] should be done when we are alive in order to guide the soul towards redemption, after our death. There is a big difference between what our sons donate after our death and donating organs from our own body, after our death ! When we ourselves do not exist, what right do we have in donating our organs? Who has the right to donate organs? Is it a property? Is it alike making a will of our movable and immovable properties for our children or to some public charity?

SASTRAS are our foundation! Sastras have advised us to follow the funeral rites to burn this body after death. Cremating the body of some unknown or destitute person would equal, performing a crore Aswametha Sacrifice! Even for an unknown body, it is advised to lit the pyre chanting "Govinda, Govinda" and not just throw the remains in the pyre after taking out all parts!

Right from the time we are in mother's womb, till our death when our body is consigned to ashes, there are around forty rules (samskaras) have been laid down as per Sastras. Nowhere there is mention about organ donation! They have only prescribed only WHAT TO DO which clearly means that whatever is not mentioned, it should not be done. No Saint or Seer who have lived a very orthodox life have made any such acts of giving away their organs like eyes or ears!

Only due to the sins we have committed, the God has given us this body allowing us ownership of the body to punish us! If anyone commits a sin, they use to give lashes to him. If he swoons unable to bear the pain, then he would be treated by an attending doctor, fed well, advised well and would be given lashes once again after some time.

Owing to the sinful acts committed by us, He gives us this body and if not enough, He once again gives us another body and punishes us again! So this birth is only due to our continuous sinning and hence we should keep in mind that we should never do sinful acts, thus prevent ourselves from getting born in another body!

The very reason for God to make us take birth in this world in body and flesh is, to reduce the burden of our sin! If we are born without eye or ear or with a hole in heart, how painful our parents and relatives would feel about it? After all, when God had blessed us fully with a whole body, does it not sound bad that we wish to give away our organs after death in the name of donation and try to win some good name!

If anyone happens to lose their hand or eye or leg in an accident, it is because of their KARMA and one has to go through his KARMA in this life. That is why our Sastras never permit mercy killing! If one is unable to pass his KARMA, he would be again born in the same state to undergo his KARMA in life. If by chance one loses a leg in an accident and when he dies, a KUSHA stick (Darbai) will be placed in the place of the lost leg to make it complete and the body would be exhumed.

That is why this body is termed as a 'TEMPLE' [kshethram] and the soul dwelling in lends name, fame and glory giving an identity to this body. However when the soul passes away all of a sudden, everything goes as the identity is lost and people begin to ask "when are you going to take the 'body?' As a mark of respect to the departed soul that had dwelt in the body, all funeral rites are done before exhuming the same. Whatever pain and suffering undergone by the body in this earth, the whole body is offered to AGNI after our death. Only Agni has the right over the dead body.

If people want to donate any of their eyes or kidneys, they may do so when alive, which will be termed as a real sacrifice. The same if done for money then it becomes business!

Once there was a saint called "Dhadheechi" who always chanted the name NARAYANA and the chanting flowed in each of his vein in the body. The DEVAS wanted to have the back bone of the great saint, to create Vajrayudham. When they approached him with this request, he did not ask them to take it after his death. He immediately went in to a trance and shed his back bone to give the same to DEVAS. What he did was a great sacrifice for the good of the World.

In Sanathana dharma, goats would be given in the sacrificial fire and those animals immediately obtain heavenly status as they gave their lives for the sake of a common good of the World.

In KATHOPANISHAD when Nachikethas watches his father donating, weak and crippled cows to pandits, he points out the mistake to his own father. Donating emaciated, crippled cows or cows with deformity would not serve any purpose.

Any donation of weak and emaciated cows, serves no purpose and he boldly advised his father about this and thereafter visits YAMA LOK and obtains spiritual knowledge from YAMA!

Similarly, any human body if given to AGNI in a truncated condition will become useless. For any such dead person from whose body, a few organs are taken away and consumed in flames; the person becomes born either with some defect in those organs or without those organs in his or her next birth.

Whether we believe it or not, our good or bad KARMA fetches the results for us!

No one is there in the world to match KARNA in terms of philanthropy (giving away things to poor) and he parted with his shielded vest covering his chest, and ear rings to Indra, when he was alive.

Once a demon KABALIGAN approached Sri Adhi Shankara asking for his head and the great saint immediately agreed and proceeded with him to his cave and sat on meditation while instructing KABALIGAN to sever his head! When the demon swayed the sword in order to cut the head of the great saint, Lord Narasimmha moorthy manifested himself in the being of the saint's devout disciple Padmapadar who tore away the demon in to shreds!

When sage Jada Bharadhar was made as a sacrificial offering for Kali, the Goddess Kali herself manifested and decimated all the demons and rescued the sage.

Even the eminent King Sibi Chakravarthi cut off a portion of flesh from his lap to give it to the Eagle to save the pigeon from its clutches, when he was alive!

In kali yug, all bad deeds will be termed as good deeds and people go to the extent of donating their entire body after their death to hospitals and medical colleges……."

True! Exceptions cannot be taken as examples. Rightly as Periyava says, we only commit a sin by giving away our organs like eyes, heart etc to others after death. There are so many poor people without food and shelter who can be generously helped by the rich people who can donate some thing from their property kept for their children! If people could avoid spending lavishly on wasteful parties and grand marriages, they can help feed the scores of poor people in the country!

The KARMAS OF BIRTH do not pertain to the physically handicapped people alone, they affect their relatives also. They are forced to worry and spend a lot on them. Even people who skip away from doing things against SASTRAS, the KARMA is carried forward to their next birth. People either feign ignorance about this or deliberately do things against SASTRAS and this results in the birth of defective and physically challenged children!

Thus spake Shridi Sai baba….

"Even while hiring a bicycle from the cycle shop owner, we have a duty to return the cycle in the same condition in which it was given to us. If any part is broken, the cycle owner will charge us the price for that broken part. Likewise, we should return this body in the same condition when God made us take birth in this world after living our life…"

If we are to have a different view other than Maha Periyava, how we could become His followers? No one can predict the view of Maha periyava but if we want to become endeared to His blessings, we should follow the SASTRAS prescribed without violating them by listening to the words of the Saint.

Does the great Saint lack in His Kindness or lack in the knowledge of Science…?

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