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16-10-2012, 07:58 PM
Applause is an emotional expression of joy which is spontaneous.

"Clapping originated in 1473 during the original outbreak of Cholera. At its origin clapping was not an act of applause, rather it was used to tell others whether you were infected. Over time clapping evolved into a way of showing appreciation and happiness. In 1876 clapping continued its evolution appearing in music and as a form of percussion."

However, clapping to express appreciation is not exactly universal. Some cultures favour foot-stomping, whistling, or simply yelling. And even in clapping cultures, clapping doesn't always mean "bravo!" Sometimes it's done to keep a beat, sometimes it's done to frighten away animals. So clapping after good performances is most likely just a custom that we learn from our parents and our society, and pass on to our children.

One thing in clapping's favour is that it's probably the loudest possible non-verbal noise you can make with your body. Your message of approval is more likely to reach the performers than something quieter, like finger-snapping or armpit farts. And because it's not verbal, it doesn't matter which words you say or even which language you speak.

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