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31-10-2012, 02:48 AM
Rebirth theory. Part3


When human souls do not remember their previous birth, punishment or reward for the bad Karma in their previous births is justified? When one jumps a signal, the person is penalized, remembers and acts as a deterrent to commit such acts in future. In case of Rebirth, we do not remember any thing of our previous birth’s good or bad / actions; in that case how a punishment or reward is going to help reform a soul?
The fact is we are not the same person what we were yesterday, or even a minute ago. We are constantly refined by our experiences and how much we learn from them. So if there is so much evolution of thought in a matter of minutes, then we can imagine the evolution we achieve in births

We all started off as a particle, even unaware of our own existence and through a series of births and by your karma, what we are here today, as a human being, has the desire and inclination to think, learn and understand and has the resources, time and energy to do so. Karma theory is not a system for punishment and reward. It's like a grading system. It's not to punish the soul in subsequent births, but to help it to learn.
It’s like getting the best grade.
It just tells us that we need to learn something. So the lessons we learn while trying to get out of trouble of cycle of rebirths are precisely the ones we need to learn.
So when we come out of the cycle of rebirths, we are a better and different person and karma helps us to better our self, just as grade helps us to get better

be continued