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31-10-2012, 02:53 AM
Rebirth theory Part 4

This life has been given to man to sort out the consequences of previous Karma deliberately done, in many past lives, as well as in the present life.

Man cannot be liberated, until and unless he has sorted out
and neutralized all effects of past and present Karma, and bringing
the Karmic balance to nil.

Karma is the action or activity, deliberately done, with
full knowledge and intention of the doer, and also in expectation of
certain results in consequences thereof. This kind of Karma binds
man to the causes and effects of the `Law of Karma'.

According to Karma theory positive actions results in one’s positive experience,
whereas negative action results in negative experience. The effects may be seen immediately or delayed as stated above. Some time the delay may be indefinite due to the intervention of God’s Grace.
Good Karma and bad Karma are independent of each other and will result in independent reaction; one can not compensate the other
Now coming to the next part, since we know the effect of Karma, can the prayer change it or reduce the effect of it?

Can the soul attain Motcha , liberated from the cycle of births/ deaths.
Yes, Prayer can reduce the effect of bad Karma, or postpone it from happening indefinitely
Now I am giving you two Examples:

Take for example that we buy a medicine and it has its expiry date
Printed on it saying “Best before …… a date is mentioned if we do not take that medicine before the expiry date, the effect of that medicine is weakened or sometime there is no effect.

Similarly when we worship God and surrender to Him in true sense, God as dispenser of Karma can delay the effect of Karma indefinitely or make it ineffective as in the case of
Medicine and expiry date mentioned above.

It is very simple to understand.

Do not confuse yourself with Medicine and Karma.

Karma is different as explained above. I have just mentioned about medicine case just to bring a point that if a medicine is not taken before its expiry date, the effectiveness of that medicine is reduced or sometime no effect.

By sincere prayer to GOD, the effect of bad Karma can be reduced.

Take another example; we take umbrella to protect us from rains. We can not stop rains, but we can save our self from getting drenched by using umbrella.

In the same way, when we pray sincerely, God can protect us from the intensity of bad .

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04-11-2012, 01:01 PM
Thank you for such an excellent and detailed series on Rebirth.

If my understanding is correct, when a person dies, only his mortal body dies. However his Atma does not die and takes another form depending on his karma. That is when a person dies, his atma or consciousness leaves his body and merges with the universal consciousness like when a pot breaks, the space within the pot merges with the entire outer space.

Under the above circumstances, on rebirth, how does the karma of the above person get attached to that child(assuming the above person is born again as a human being)? Since many birth takes place simultaneously at a single instant, how this karma is able to locate a particular child to be born as its previous owner?
I presume that animals and other creatures(other than humans) do not have karma and if so, do they attain moksha after their death?
If answer to this is yes, does it mean, in order to attain moksha, the easier path would be to be born as an animal.
With best regards,
Balaji J

04-11-2012, 02:06 PM
Dear Balaji Sir,
Thank you for your appreciation.
Embodied souls pass through many species of life, but only as human beings do they accrue karma, as only in that condition is one's free will fully manifest.
With that free will one has responsibility. Humans who misuse their free will have to loose it, at least for a time. Chapter 16 of the Bhagavad Gita describes such human beings as having to take birth in lower species of life.

Our actions in our present lives determine our fate in the lives that follow, and consciousness itself is believed to be a karmic memory, contained by vijnana, the higher conscious mind, throughout the many incarnations of atman, the soul.
This is how we take many births.

Moksha (http://1stholistic.com/prayer/hindu/hol_Hindu-moksha.htm) is the end of the death and rebirth cycle and is classed as the fourth and ultimate artha (goal) Hinduism teaches that the ultimate solution to life's basic problems is to be released from karma and gain freedom from this cycle of rebirth

Animals cannot create new karma because they are completely controlled by their nature.