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28-07-2019, 06:19 PM
Living on the edge

At different ages separation has different effect and feelings on married men.

At old age, one needs his wife around all the time although though there may not be much conversation between them.

Every men or women will face loneliness when one departs leaving the other alone!!

I have seen Women manage somehow after their husband departs, but very few men could do that when they are left alone.

Men left alone, may not be fortunate to live with their son/ daughters’ family, who are settled in foreign countries, due to medical conditions, as the cost of Medicare in any foreign country is too expensive.

Even if the son/ daughter are settled in India itself somewhere, Men would find it difficult to manage without their spouse.

My problem is I am not even aware of all the medicines I take from early morning to night dinner.

I am a diabetic, so I need to be careful what I take also.

You can have all the money in the world to live comfortably, manage your Medicare expenses, but if you don't have anyone to care for you, especially your wife, you have nothing.

This is not realized by many married men, until that day comes when they are left alone