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05-04-2013, 07:39 AM
Dear All : The following posting appeared in
a sister list . You mihgt be interested in
the input by the moderator of this group

Many times the question comes up about
why should a Prapanna after his or her life on earth
be the object of SrAddham ? They are already in
Sri Vaikuntam due to the power of the UpAya
anushtAnam (SaraNAgathy) .

SrimAn Vaasu VaadhyAr of Chennai , the Moderator of
the Vaidhikam group is presenting a refreshingly new
approach to address this question .

I thnak him for his courtesy in using his posting ,
which would be of general interest .

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> Dear Members,
> Ten days before I posted a message about why to do chradham?
> Shri. Padmanabhan Advocate sir, has explained all the things well
> and reduced almost all my burdens .
> But almost all of them were already described in some books or
> explained by some 'Periyavals' or 'Acharyals'.
> So, now there is a new view about this,
> which I got like a flash from Bhagavan on that day on which I had
> posted this message.
> That is:
> We are having friendship with all level of humans like rich, poor,
> middle class etc. We are often having / keeping touch with them.
> Mostly we all will wish to keep the friendship with people who are
> in the higher position in all respect than us. Is it not?
> The reason for this our activity is, we believe that one day or
> other it will be useful for us to get their help. Let it be.
> Now you think about the pithrus,
> Did you know what upanishad is telling about the amount of Aanandam
> of human, pithru, karma devadhas, ...prajaapathi and brahma?
> "Sa yeko manusha Aanandha:
> They ye satham manushaa aanandhaa:
> Sa yeko manushya Gandharvaanaam Aanandha: ...
> Sa yeko Deva Gandharvaanam Aaanandha:
> Sa yeka Pithrunaanchira loka lokaanaam aanandha:
> Sa yeka aajaanajanaam
> ... it goes like that upto the Aanandham of Brahma
> So, now we can decide that pithrus are in higher position than us.
> So, we should keep touch with them.
> With their help only we can go to that place.
> Pithru Aathmaas are called here to take the new Aathma to their
> place and they get promoted to other height.
> So, it is required to keep in touch with pithrus by doing chradham
> and all other pithru karmas regularly.
> It is very common for all brahmins (Vaishnavites and non
> vaishnavites).
> There is no room for difference of opinion in "sri Vaishnavites" if
> they realise the fact behind it.
> They explain that:
> Sri Vaishnavite Pithrus are directly going to moksha not to the
> pithru loka.
> It is correct. But as per Emperumans dhivyaagnya, a devadha in place
> of that pithru has been posted to fill that place to keep the link.
> It means, that the below sandhathi should keep the link and use
> that "Vasu Roopa" place as "Heli pad" to climb in the route (by
> leaving a representative devadha there) of "Archiraadhi" Maargam.
> Otherwise there will be no link and many unanswerable questions will
> raise.
> Any member can just pass their opinion about it.
> There is no compulsion to accept it. So, do not use harsh words to
> reject it. But try to convince people with your arguements.
> Today I wrote my last examination, and hence I can spend little more
> time with you.
> I wish to share my pleasure with you by sending my advance blessings
> for youngers and 'dhasasya vignapanam with my Mangala Saasanams' for
> elder members for the forth coming new year 2006.
> All the best.
> Best regards,
> Deevalur N.V.Srinivasan Alias VAsu VAdhyAr.

R Devanathan
05-04-2013, 07:55 AM
Thank you swamin for the convincing reasons on the qurstion.