View Full Version : Grahanam - Change of Yagnopaveetham

26-04-2013, 11:21 AM
Since grahanam was around midnight, should we have changed the yagnopaveetham during midnight itself or is it fine if we change during the next day morning ? Kindly let me know your views.


26-04-2013, 07:22 PM
Why to change Yajgnopaveetam?
No need to change it for every tarpanam or in Grahana Tarpanam.
If you want to change the Yajgnopaveetam for any other reasons,
you can change it on any day morning immediately after snanam.

27-04-2013, 09:55 AM
Dear swamin,
I was told by some elders and by some vaadyars that if a person remains at the place of death until the corpse is removed, he must change the yajgnopaveetham the next day after his headbath and also utter Gayathri japam 108 times...Narasimhan

27-04-2013, 04:11 PM
Dear All,

I was told and have read that we are required the change the yagnopaveetham - when there is a theetu or after hair cut etc... Since grahanam has theetu, whether do we have to change the yagnopaveetham was the logic behind the question - thanks for the clarification that we can change it the next morning.