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30-12-2011, 04:29 AM
How To be cool..

1- The Shortest Solution Of Every Problem Is To Minimize The Distance Between Your Knee And Floor.

2 - Life Is Like A Coin, Pleasure And Pain Are The Two Sides;
Only One Side Is Visible At A Time But Remember Other Side Is Waiting For Its Turn.

3 - Majority Of The Problems In Life Are Because Of Two Reasons:
First, We Act Without Thinking.
Second, We Keep Thinking Without Acting

4 - Life Can Be Much Happier And Less Stressful,
If We Remember One Simple Thought !
We Cannot Have All That We Desire.

5 - A Wise Sentence Written On A Japanese Bus Stop
" Only Buses Will Stop Here, Not On Your Time."
So Keep Walking Towards Your Destination.

6 - Be Like Water That Makes Its Own Way To Proceed,
Be Not Lile Stones That Restricts The Ways Of Others.

7 - Everyone Wants To Change The World But.. is not Willing To change Himself.