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05-11-2014, 10:51 AM
Mr.Varadarajan and other like minded members::
Ihave been going through all the postings of various members very particularly that of Mr. Soundarrajan. I do not know why Mr.S.Rajan never tried to focusson brahmins matters instead of showing great interest in all other matters. Day-in and day-out our community is undergoing alot of hardships including the evergoing intercaste marriages, eloping with other caste boys and girlsnot to speak about parents themselves encouring such marriages.. Infact I wanted to start adebate on this subject but am not sure how many of our forum members join the debata and take active part in it. I do not want to proceed in the matter unless I a m sure of quite a number of members taking part in it. I now noticed that most of the new members joined very recently in our forum show great interest in our community's culture,past heritage, anmeekamm etc.,Those who are really interested in our community's welfare particularly who oppose intercaste marriages may mention their names under the heading "Joining the debate" .The debate

05-11-2014, 01:49 PM
Dear Mr.NVS swamin,
Iam very sorry to report one or other complaint about our site. Now without any clicking the quick menu simply enters from riht side and occupy half of the page.Thosewho want will go for it. Then why this popup is entering the page from right side. Please see that this is completely avoded and stoped..So many unwanted things are appearing in our site thereby hindering free use of pages.

05-11-2014, 02:27 PM
Your style is changed to "Default" (which you can change yourself in the "Settings" page)
You will not get the quick menu till there is no changes made in the style option.

05-11-2014, 08:41 PM
Though the default style isalso good I feel like isolated while using the page. May i request you to revert to my user page to old 'back to basics' of course removing the entry of side popup of newsliding quick menu. Hope this is possible for you to change...Narasimhan

05-11-2014, 10:05 PM
Dear Sir,
The forum default style is changed to "Default" from "Back to Basics" style for all
so, you are not isolated.
This can be conformed by using the below link by any member:
After getting that page scroll down to bottom and check at the "Forum Skin" Tab
You will find the active style (Default) for you.
You change that style to "Forum Default" style, this will not make any changes for you because
already you are in the same style.

Note:- Whenever a member want to change any of the forum settings to personalize for them
Please use the below steps:
1. Click the "Settings" menu found at the top right corner of any page.
2. After getting the new window you will find a list of "My Settings" menu as shown in the picture below:
Below "My Account" menu, click on the "General Settings" menu, you will get lot of options including "Forum Skin" to change your forum experience!

Below I just copied and pasted the content of that page for you:
Login & Privacy
Invisible Mode:

Invisible Mode on
Invisible Mode off

Invisible mode allows you to browse the forums without appearing in the 'Currently Active Users' lists.
Reputation Level:

Show Reputation
Hide Reputation

Your current reputation level is displayed to other users whenever you post a message. If you would like to hide your reputation, disable this option.

You currently have 4386 reputation points.
vCard Download:

Allow vCard Download
Don't allow vCard download

You may choose to allow other users to download a vCard containing your email address and username.

If you want to keep your email address private, do not allow vCard downloads.
Messaging & Notification
Receive Email:

Receive Email from Administrators
Receive Email from Other Members
Receive Friendship Request Email

From time to time, the administrators and/or other members may want to send you email notifications or messages. If you do not want to receive email from certain people then you may disable the options here
Default Thread Subscription Mode:
When you post a new thread, or reply to a topic, you can choose to automatically add that thread to your list of subscribed threads (http://www.brahminsnet.com/forums/subscription.php), with the option to receive email notification of new replies to that thread.
Private Messaging

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Private Messaging on
Private Messaging off

This forum features a private messaging system (http://www.brahminsnet.com/forums/private.php), which allows members to send messages to one another privately.

If you do not want to send or receive private messages, you may disable the private messaging system.

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Only from Contacts and Moderators
From all members

You may limit the receipt of private messages to just moderators and your contacts (http://www.brahminsnet.com/forums/profile.php?do=buddylist). Other members who attempt to send messages to you will be told that you have disabled private messaging.

Email Notification of New Private Messages:

Receive Email Notification of new Private Messages
Don't receive Email Notification of new Private Messages

The forum can send a message to your email address to inform you when someone sends you a private message.

New Private Message Notification Pop-up:

Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up
Don't show New Private Message Notification Pop-up

If you are browsing the forums when you receive a new private message, the system can pop-up a notification box informing you of the new message.

Sent Private Messages:

Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items (http://www.brahminsnet.com/forums/private.php?folderid=-1) folder by default
Don't save a copy of sent messages

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Don't limit usage of Visitor Messages

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Enable notifications for new thumbs on your content?

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06-11-2014, 05:40 AM
A very detailedd descriptions on settings! I was not aware of many of these as I was not keen on probing to knowwhat all are possible .
Thanks for enlightening us,
It is exhaustive and informative, but we seniors will take some time to read it slowly and understand it fully.
Thanks again for patiently clarifying.

06-11-2014, 12:07 PM
Dear Swamin,
I feel, It is my duty to explain everything for members who are interested.
Thanks for your compliments.

25-02-2015, 07:17 AM
Of late (may be for a week or less), we see an ad in TV where a smartha Brahmin [with vibhuthi and poonal] ,on a scooter approaches a singer in a car and requests for an opportunity to sing in a competition and the singer mockingly says ' oh, here also' and drives away; somehow I felt this is demeaning; the opportunity seeker could have been shown as anyone but without Brahmins' caste symbols. I do not think this as a funny advertisement but as an insult to the particular community.

25-02-2015, 09:44 AM
I dont find any degrading or demeaning in the reply. Could you please explain in what way it seems to be demeaning to you.

25-02-2015, 10:37 AM
Could you elaborate as to which Advt. you are referring to? If possible we can check up and judge.
Please provide details of the Ad.