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13-03-2012, 10:51 PM
Karadaiyan Nonbu and Tharpanam

Dear VaAsu mama,

Friday being Karadaiyan nonbu and Masa pirappu, please clarify if we need to
do nonbu first between the time mentioned by you and tharpanam in the noon.

Normally we do pithru karyam first and then do the pooja but in this case how
should we do?

Looking for your advise.

Thank you very much.


Sorry, a correction is required in your message.
First Pooja to be done for devadas
and then pithrus.

Moreover, the Tarpanam is done by Gents so, ladies are need not wait for tarpanam
they should do the Karadayan nonbu in the prescribed time.
This Kara Year it is said as: 9.20 am to 09.45 am
Because the Masi ends and Panguni begins at 9.30 am
The juncture time is more auspicious for this nonbu.

Some times it may come too early or too late but the time is important.
But the pitru tarpanam is always should be done in the afternoon.