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Doubts About Archanai in Temple, Jiva, Shradham etc.

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Dasan !
Let me get some of my doubts clarified.
1. While going to temples, my father used to request the Archakr to
perform the archanai in the name of the Lord Himself and not in anybody
else's name. What is the reason behind this ?
( I never had the guts to ask him the reason).
All Jivas who are interested in 'Mukthi' are called 'Mumukshu'.
As per Srivaishnavism, after 'Samasrayanam' one loses all his
papham and punyam what he had earned.
Papham and punyams are the result of Karmas.
No jeeva can attain the moksham if it has either punyam or papham.
To enjoy the punyam or papham it has to get a birth accordingly.
So, a vaishnavan or prapannan should not have interest in the palans of any
This is the reason 'periyaval' should not do archanai on their name
to get rid of the punyam.
One can not skip the nithya karma, he should sacrifice the palan by doing
sadhvika thyagam at the starting and end of every karma.
I explained it in very very short manner.
It is a huge subject. Later it will be explained.
Otherwise, read the 4th adhyayam of 'Sri Bhagavat Gita' with details.
Or one day come with me in online voice chating I will explain you everything in

2. Now that my father is no more, can I go to my Kula Deivam's temple in
the first year ?

Nothing wrong in it, but it is better to avoid for one year.

3. The Lord Himself takes the Jivatma of a Prapannan along with Him at
the time the Jivan leaving the body. In that case , who will receive the
Maasika/ Sraadhdha offerings ?
This also a very huge subject. But for now:
Two reasons are there to perform the masikams and chradhams:
1. As per general sastram (common for all Brahmins / chathur varnams)
Some amount of time should take to reach any destination for anybody
using any vehicle.
As per this logic: Pithrus are passing three positions before the destination:
they are a.vasu b.rudhra c.adhithya
and hence we are calling three generations pithrus in all pithru karma.

2. As per Desika sidhantham (Vadakalai Srivaishnavan)
The jeevan gets the moksha padhavi immediately.
All mukthas (who got moksham) are having the complete quality of lord
sri maha vishnu in swaroopam and kryai except Srushti, sthithi, samharam.
So, this muktha is having capacity to depute a pithru devada in place of them
to receive the masika, chradha, tharpanam anything given by their heirs.
And they are instructed to bless them always in every functions.
This arrangement is to protect the general rules.
So, anyway doing the masikam and chrdhams are compulsory.

4. Performing the rituals is not for the benefit of the Prapanna but to
repay the Pithru Kadan which every man inherits by birth . Is this the
right way of approach to perform the Sraadhdam ?

This type of reasons are given by persons who are not knowing
the actual thathparyams.

Thanks and Regards,

Ilayavilli S Boovarahan

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