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What Makes You An Indian TAMIL BRAHMIN.

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  • What Makes You An Indian TAMIL BRAHMIN.

    What Makes You An Indian TAMIL BRAHMIN.

    1.when the shampoo bottle seems to be over, he pour some water in it, shake it, and use it for another bath.

    2.For him
    a toothpaste isnít over until he entirely flattened it out and started rolling it up from the back.

    That he donít just recycle gifts, he recycle the gift-wrapping paper too.

    That he worry about price of gold without any intention of buying it!

    5 That I will beat the crap out of my remote to make it work; but not change the battery

    6.He get so disappointed if the pani puri guy doesnít give a free s puri in the end when he ask for one.

    7 That he wonít have his breakfast and starve himself if he had been invited for a lunch by a neighbour.

    If you know any more qualities of tamil brahmins please add.

    Note: If u do not agree with any of my above comments please ignore the post.