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About a English woman becoming an Indian bride and her life in INdia and her blog

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  • About a English woman becoming an Indian bride and her life in INdia and her blog

    Very interesting to know/read. Sometime back, there was another news about an Argentinian couple settling down in Srirangam as Vaishnavites and observing Vedic way of life strictly.

    It is indeed heartening to note such anecdotes - especially when native adherence to Hindu/Vedic traditions is on a serious decline. Outsiders seem to take pain to understand, appreciate and follow Sanatana Dharma on their own when native followers (aka Hindus) try to ape the West. Of course, one could argue that the aping is both ways technically - may be, but there is a subtle and stark difference. The former seems to be a sincere and informed personal choice not dependent on socio-economic factors. But the latter is a result of disinclination/laziness and an attempt to increase international socio-economic status (and perhaps hide an irrational sense of inferiority).

    Sanatana Dharma does not believe in religious conversions nor does it prescribe/promote blind faith. (Though I am from RSS background and value its original tenets and aspirations, I consider recent developments such as "Ghar Wapsi" and associated religious jingoism as utter stupidity - out of sync with time and reality and totally meaningless -categorization of one's religion in the census does not make one religious. Though forced conversions to other religions in India is a serious challenge, tit-for-tat re-conversions is crass ineptitude and will only rupture the society further. Addressing and removing the underlying socio-economic issues that facilitate such conversions would be far more wise - because mass conversions happen at the economically lower strata of Hindu society).

    One need not necessarily follow all traditions - but the least that could be done is to get an awareness of what and why of those traditions and they are not meaningless time-busters in the modern and fast-paced world. Hopefully such personal commentaries spur serious introspection.

    Watch this story for a UK woman in India

    Her Blog post,