Posted: 23 Apr 2015 10:44 PM PDT
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Dear all,

I am searching for "Dwadasa Shanmukha Sahasranama". It has been reported in one of the books by Chidambaram Dikshitars that Lord Shanmukha has as many as 12 sahasranamas. These could be the following:

(a) Prati-mukha Shanmukha Sahasranama - for each of the six thirumukhams - we already have that in Namavali form. - 6 sahasranamavali-s
(b) Subrahmanya Sahasranama - Markandeya Proktham - Both stotra and Namavali for this is available. - 1 sahasranama

The total works out of 7. Is it that the balance 5 have to be located or that there is another set of 12 sahasranama-s apart from the seven above?

I seek the members for help.