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  • ggmoorthyiyer
    Re: Not taking part.


    I am watching all & your postings. Moreover, I have posted my reply about Agraharam...
    I will post, as and when I feel, to suggest my views. Nowadays, I am concentrating to do
    postings in Tamil Language. My earlier tamil postings, you might have watched, there is
    no correction in language style by the viewers. You are also not commenting about my
    postings, especially Tamil postings. I am always ready to correct the same and thus
    I will be qualified in future. Some times, I will be freed in night hours only. Most of my
    postings were in night hours only. I am planning to write the entire Mahabharatam in Tamil
    Language which is the translation from Malayalam originally translated from Sanskrit.
    The presentation will be included along with my views too. Shortly, a Agni-Paritchai.
    Please give courage and appreciation for the postings. Please rectify the mistakes.
    போகிற காலத்தில் புண்ணியமாவது கிடைக்கட்டும்.

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    started a topic Not taking part.

    Not taking part.

    For some time our dearest friend sri.GGMoorthy iyer have not joined us in our debate and I do not know the reason for his long silence. If we are wronged he is free not only to point our mistakes but also to correct us.I wish he rise to the occasion..PSN