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    Dear Mr.Varadarajan,
    I saw your private message as email in my inbox. When I wanted to reply a 'bulletin message' news flashed that the user you did not want to receive any email from others. Hence I have to resort to the public page. Now i will be leaving to Sholinghur by 3rd week of Sept. after Gogulashtami as THAYAR is decending to local temple to stay here for two months. My Janma nakshathira birthday also falls during sept/oct. You are therefore warmly welcomed to visit Sholinghur during this period. My GD is at NY amidst more than 200 brahmins families. She has taken a 2 bedroom aprt. and 4students are sharing it. She is quite happy. Her university college is within a walkable distance in about 10 minutes. I think we cannot resort to any more private messages. I dont want to take up this matter with anyone. With regards...PSN