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  • Fish out of water

    Fish out of water

    Mud skippers are goggle-eyed, funny looking fish, which can climb on trees! This four inches long fish infest the swamps in South East Asia. They spend more than half their life-span on land! They haul themselves on land using their fore fins, which have suckers at the ends. This gives the fish enough grips to scale the trees too!

    Before coming on land, the mud skipper fills its gill camber with air and water. When the gills are moist and aerated, it can spend a long time out of water on land and of course on trees!

    The Climbing Perch is another fresh water fish–which actually seems to prefer life on land to the life under water! It is ten inches long and has a breathing organ which can take oxygen directly from the air. Though named as Perch, this fish prefers walking on land to climbing on trees. It uses its fins as crutches and tail to propel itself.

    The walking Cat fish is another native of Asia. This twenty inches long fish walks by slithering on the ground and thrashing its tail from side to side vigorously. The long stiff spines in its pectoral fins help it to maintain its balance.

    Behind the gill, there is a lung-like organ, which helps the cat fish to breathe on land. Even when swimming in water, it comes to the surface frequently to breathe. When the catfish decide to cross the highways in groups of hundreds, the highway traffic comes to a grinding halt.

    Can you believe that these slithering fish actually stop the fancy cars–zooming at high speeds, on the highways!

    Visalakshi Ramani