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Holy Swastika defiled!

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  • Holy Swastika defiled!

    The 20th century had been dominated by the Swastika–one of the most feared symbols of the modern world. It came to represent Hitler and the Nazi Germany; the horrors of destruction, oppression and persecution.

    Hitler chose the Swastika as his emblem and had it depicted in black in a white circle on a blood red background! Swastika was not Hitler’s creation or invention. It has been known for thousands of year before Hitler was even born.

    The Swastika is Aryan in origin. In Sanskrit it means “Be well” and “Good Luck”.

    Swastika was associated with the Fire-God Agni as the symbol stands for the “spindle and drill”, the oldest known way of making a fire.

    The symbol of Swastika had spread across the ancient world. It had assumed different meanings in different places as the revolving Sun, Four winds, Four quarters of the Moon, the four main seasons etc.

    Swastika was depicted in two forms–the left handed (anti clockwise) and the Right handed (the clockwise). In Buddhism these two represent the YIN and YANG–the balance between the Solar and the Lunar forces.

    Early Christians used this symbol to denote Christ’s resurrection and second coming. It was the symbol of God Thor– who hurled the thunder bolts from the Heaven.

    In Tibet and Peru, Swastika was used for Religious and ritualistic purposes.

    Until Hitler adopted the Swastika, it stood for everything good, powerful, auspicious and strong. By adopting it, Hitler had corrupted and defiled one of the oldest and most fascinating symbols known to humanity.

    Visalakshi Ramani

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    Re: Holy Swastika defiled!

    Yes, after misuse by Adolf Hitler, our revered Swastika is the most maligned symbol. It is now used by extreme right wing youth, or brigades to foment racial hatred. At least Hitler slightly tilted the Swastika to stand it on edge.
    See them below, our swastika and Adolf's!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	220px-Flag_of_German_Reich_(1935–1945).svg.png
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