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    Time & money

    Usain Bolt has won 9 gold medals in last 3 Olympics and he has run less than 2 mins on the track. That's economy of effort

    Usain Bolt ran for less than 115 secs in total in his 3 Olympics career and made 119 million dollars!

    That's more than $1M for each second he ran!

    That's a new unit of speed for the "run" for money...

    $ 1Million/sec

    But for those 2 mins he trained for 25+ years !

    That's investment


    In the jungle which animal is the biggest ........
    I heard you say, Elephant.

    In the jungle which animal is the tallest ........
    I heard you say, Giraffe.

    In the jungle which animal is the wisest ........
    I heard you say, Fox.

    In the jungle which animal is the fastest ........
    I heard you say, Cheetahs.

    Among all these wonderful qualities mentioned, where is the Lion in the picture.?

    Yet, you say the Lion is the KING of the jungle even without ANY of these qualities.



    The Lion is courageous, the Lion is very bold, the Lion is always ready to face any challenges, any barrier that crosses his part, no matter how big they are.
    The Lion walks with confidence. The Lion dares anything and is never afraid. The Lion believes he is unstoppable. The Lion is a risk taker. The Lion believes any animal is food for him. The Lion believes any opportunity is worth giving a try and never allows it slip from his hands. The Lion has charisma.

    - What is it that we get to learn from the Lion .

    You don't need to be the fastest.
    You don't need to be the wisest.
    You don't need to be the smartest.
    You don't need to be the most brilliant.
    You don't need to be generally accepted to become your dreams and be great in life.

    All you need is courage.
    All you need is boldness.
    All you need is the will to try.
    All you need is the faith to believe it is possible.
    All you need is to believe in yourself that you can do it.

    It's TIME to bring out your Lion in you....