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    Ghosts are Real!!

    One winter night

    Like this real life incident happened to me when I was working in Calcutta
    I was young and bachelor then

    The factory where I was on the banks of Hoogly river; the place is called Sankrail, Howrah district (you can verify this)

    Nearest Railway station is also called sankrail Railway Station.

    I was doing at that time my post graduate MBA course from Calcutta University.

    I was doing evening courses, that means by the time I reach Sankrail station from Howrah by train it would be around 11.30 pm. as there were very few locomotives trains at that time (1968-69)

    Usually very few travel by that train to Sankrail, most of them get down at Andul station or some other big city station.

    One winter night the train got delayed and reached Sankrail station just after midnight.

    Only a couple of passengers got down and walked briskly in some other direction
    I was all alone standing on the platform

    Suddenly I heard a lady voice in Bengali. Asking me” kemon achen” Meaning how are you?

    I was feeling tired and thought some company is better than none.

    I asked her where she is going. She told the a place which I know is very near to my factory She requested me to accompany her as she is afraid to walk in dark. I said ‘okay’ and we started to move. . She asked in soft voice where I was going, and I told her

    I tried to see her face, but she has covered it with a muffler

    After a few steps she told me that she knows a short cut route to my place, I thought for a moment then agreed since it was pitch dark, and winter cold was biting me.

    After walking about a km, we faced a burial ground!!! No one was around, only some tall palm trees. My heart skipped a beat. And I told her I do not want to through that burial ground.
    The answer she gave me made me jump out of my skin!!!

    She was laughing loudly and said she lives there…and vanished in thin air!!!!

    My legs felt very heavy. I could not lift them. I could not even cry out for help as no sound was coming from throat; something was blocking my throat.

    Somehow I managed to turn back and ran towards a lamp post which I could see…

    I was profusely sweating by the time I reached that Lamp post.

    Fortunately for me a Bihari rickshaw fellow was there; sleeping on his vehicle.
    I woke him up... and almost begged him to take to my address.( told him the factory name where company has provided me a bachelor accommodation)

    He asked me double charge which I did not mind paying him. and thanked God for allowing me to stay alive.

    My own experience

    Any Comment Please ?
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