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    Koḷḷivāyup Pēy:

    Often in villages, people claim to have seen Kollivai pisaasu (கொள்ளிவாயுப் பேய்), a flesh eating demon. They have been described to have a dark complexion with bulging veins and protruding, red eyes. They are believed to have their own languages, known as Paiśāci.

    Mohini pisaasu:

    Just like Kollivai pei myth, Mohini pisaasu is very famous not only in TN, but all over India.

    Muni Pei:

    They are also called Jada Muni

    This Ghostly demon or devil is famous in the southern parts of Tamil Nadu.
    There are mentions regarding Munis in the Kandha Shasti Kavasam. The Munis that were mentioned in the verses refer to types of evil spirits or ghost that is prevalent in the Tamil folk fore. The famous Kandar Shashti Kavasam by Devaraya Swamigal contains the following verses:

    (You can also find mentions of Koḷḷivāyup Pēi, Kuralai Pei, Bootham, Brahma Rakshasas, etc.)

    Kutti Cāttāṉ:

    Kutti chaathan is a demon who can be accomplished by sadhanas. The very look of kutti chathan is horrendous and it carries a broom stick and rides a buffallo. It demands blood, sacrifice, money and bargains for doing favours. it is so merciless that it shall torture and kill the person if he fails to keep his/her word. Many jewellers in Kerala (Thrissur) even today use the services of Kutti chathan for safeguarding their shops. Another feature of this demon is it always needs to be given work or shall consume the person who has called it.

    Brahma Rakshasas:

    This is one of the ancient evil spirits, famously known in all over India and some South-East Asian countries inclined to Buddhism.

    Brahmarakshasas are fierce demon spirits in Hindu mythology. Brahm Rakshas is actually the spirit of a Brahmin, a dead scholar of high birth, who has done evil things in his life or has misused his knowledge, who has to suffer as a Brahm Rakshas after his or her death. The earth-bound duties of such a scholar would be to disperse or impart knowledge to good students. If he did not do so, he would turn into a Brahma Rakshas after death which is a very fierce demonic spirit.

    Kuralai Pei:

    Kuralai Pei is often depicted to live on Panai maram or Palm trees. Kuralai Pei is a sub-division or lower-level Munis. They used to feed on Humans, specifically children.

    Kaateri Pei:

    “Kaateri” means vampire in Tamil. Kaateri Pei is basically an uglier version of Mohini Pei. She not only sucks blood but also eats the flesh of her victims. According to Hindu traditions, Kaateri are created by Brahmarakshasas by their curses on women.

    Mayai & Eeval

    They are the most powerful shape-shifters and do all the evil stuff you can think of. They’re often captured by Witches or Socerers, who uses their powers in their Witchcraft practices. Their gender identity is unknown


    Often a creepy dark lone place & cool spooky wind combination is called as ‘Ghostly wind’. Anyone who felt the caress of this evil wind would fall sick and collapse. It was believed that the souls of the unworshiped dead flew on the winds. Since olden times, farmers blamed everything from droughts, to strong winds, to infestations of insects on these unhappy spirits


    They’re famous in all over India and is also called as Betaal or vetala.

    Aavi (Ghosts):

    They are stray ghosts, the lowest in the spirit world. They can be seen wandering around under bridges, abandoned palaces and forts, old houses and labyrinthine forests. Basically, they can be anywhere.
    In Tamil folklore, he is called as ‘Kaalan’ (which means ‘the one who controls or decides the fate’)

    Happy Sleeping

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