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    Deerga sumangali bhava

    “Whenever my wife falls on the feet of elders she is blessed “Deerga Sumamgali Bhava!! Where are the Blessings for her?

    Why I should get the blessings, along with her not separately for her? Whenever I fall on the feet of elders I get blessed” Ayushman Bhava? No where my wife is blessed? Is this a Fair Blessing? Why not bless her “May your children bring joy to your life or may your children do well in life or May you be blessed with health, wealth and happiness and why should deergha sumangali bhava be the only appropriate blessing given to a married woman? “

    Man is physically stronger than woman but mentally woman is stronger and when they form into a pairing, the required balancing is achieved which helps the smooth going of a family life. Like a silent shock- absorber, the wife absorbs the ups and downs of the journey, counsels his partner when he faces problem and corrects him when he goes astray. She is a pillar for him to ensure his standing and a walking stick when he stumbles. This was how it was in my case and it is like that in most of the matrimony bonds.

    So when one of the pairs is separated, the suffering of the other is immeasurable; the loss is irreparable.

    In the mantras recited during a brahman wedding this also is there: —
    dhruvaidhi poṣyā mayi mahyantvā:'dād bṛhaspatiḥ |
    mayā patyā prajāvatī saṃjīva śaradaśśatam ||
    May you always live with me. May you be attached to me for long. bṛhaspati bestowed you unto me. May you become endowed with children by me, your husband. May you live with me for a hundred autumns.

    The blessing deergha sumangali bhava is to bestow long life span to both husband and wife.
    With this tricky blessing, Yama (God of Death) was duped by Savitri. When he gave her the boon to be a Sumangali for ever, her dead husband was revived. This is the most famous story among Hindu women (Satyavan- Savitri).

    In short if a woman is blessed to be Sumangali for ever that means both herself and her husband will live a long happy, married life.
    Couples ties knot

    At the time of Marriage.
    At the time of Sastiyaptha Poorthi
    At Bheemarath Santhi
    At the time of Sadhabhishekam
    At the Time of Kanakabhishekam at the age of 96!!
    So it is the blessings for both for her and for me too !!!

    (70th birthday is celebrated as “Bhima ratha shanti“. Rituals similar to 60th birthday are conducted (including joyous activities like tying another mangala sutra). 80th birthday (or seeing 1000 Pournamis)is celebrated with kanaka Abhishekam (showering gold coins on the person who has attained 80 years)in addition to the usual shanti homams. Source-

    Source: web search

    This post is for sharing knowledge only, no intention to violate any copy rights