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Can Brahmins breed pet animals ?

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  • Can Brahmins breed pet animals ?

    Can Brahmins Breed Pet animals ?

    scriptures prohibit Brahmins from breeding pets; one Pundit said that
    “the main reason may be that Brahmins - men and women may have to forego valuable time of their duties - like doing sandhyavandanam, daily Puja and other household work for taking care of the pets; Not only that they may get more attached with the pets in due course of time than their duties and they may become like Jadabharatha.. The purpose of attaining Brahma Gnanam is of utmost importance and that will get diluted if pets become the centre of attraction in the house “;

    Also he said Avani Aittam mantras contain specific mantras to remove the sin of breeding pet animals?


    When doing Srardham, Tharpanam see to that your pet animals are kept away from that place so that they do not pollute the Food items by tasting or sniffing or smelling.

    Even some hundred years ago, Brahmins are prohibited not to cross sea. Are the present day so called Brahmins follow this restriction?

    Such a restrictions are imposed on Brahmins by Brahmins themselves.

    ''Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is a Sanskrit phrase which means that the whole world is one single family. The concept originates in the Maha Upanishad (Chapter 6, Verse 72):
    '' ayam bandhurayam neti ganana laghuchetasam udaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam ''.
    When whole world is one single family, there is no meaning for restrictions. A man can go any foreign country since ''yaadhum oore yaavarum keleer'' for business or profession.

    Bhoota Daya(compassion towards all living beings) is stressed as an essential virtue everywhere, especially in the Srimad Bhagavata. This is why we have cows at home, feed the crow every day first, and do the Kolam with rice powder so that the ants and flies can eat it and survive

    There is a sastra saying - svaanam sprishtvaa snaanam aacharet.
    This can be interpreted in two ways.
    1. If you touch a dog you should take a bath.
    2. When you want to take a bath you should touch a dog.

    In fact all Gods have some animal or bird as companion;. Even animals and birds have a spark of divinity in them

    Choose whichever you feel right.