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Padithathil Pidithathu-Sarma Sasthrigal on Kunguma Pottu

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  • Padithathil Pidithathu-Sarma Sasthrigal on Kunguma Pottu

    Padithathil Pidithathu- Sarma Sathrigal on Kungumama Pottu

    The era of kumkumam on the forehead by our respected ladies was succeeded some decades ago by that of sticker 'dots', but in the last few years the sticker is also gone. The female forehead nowadays is often empty of any adornment. The 'change of fashion' (?) is across all ages, from elementary schoolgirls to their mothers and in some cases their grandmas.

    The purpose of my bringing up this sensitive topic in these days of women's equal rights is not to discuss whether this is right or wrong. As I have said often, anything related to religion and rituals cannot be a subject of debate because the antagonists will ask for the rule book and its authenticity, and that will be the proverbial dead end.

    My simple objective is to point out to women how the simple red dot on the forehead is eulogized in our cultural heritage, our traditional lore, and in scores of powerful and beautiful slokas including Soundarya Lahari and Devi Mahatmyam.

    All these writings stress the importance of the small yet significant dot on the forehead of a woman.

    The dot evokes in the mind of the spectator a sense of respect, even divinity.

    Just walk into a function of Sumangali Prarthana and see all the ladies with kumkum in place, and you cannot but feel the Godliness of the occasion. It has a sweeping effect of quietude and calmness.

    Let us recall the commentary of Bhagavatpadal on the consumption of aalahaala visha (poison) by Lord Siva. The presence of Parashakti Devi near him as a Sumangali with kumkum on her forehead is supposed to have facilitated Siva's ingestion of the poison without much difficulty.

    Let us not forget that for a family to be happy and for universal peace, stree dharma has to be observed without any deviation. The lady of the house in our Hindu tradition has a pivotal role in the welfare of the family and hence the entire universe. When this dharma requires a girl to wear the kumkum / bindi / pottu on the forehead, which only makes her more respectable, why should she give it short shrift? This is my sincere appeal to all ladies.

    In conclusion I bow before ladies who even today do not adopt the herd mentality and forsake the adornment of their foreheads, even if they are in a foreign country and in an alien culture.

    Source: Sarma Sathrigal

    This post is for sharing knowledge only, no intention to violate any copy rights