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When in Anger

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    When in Anger

    A Hindu Monk with his disciples reached the bank of Ganga River. And some of the people of the same family were indignant at one another, and they cried out loud. When the saints saw this, they immediately returned and asked his disciples, " why do people scream at each other in anger?"

    The disciples kept thinking for a while, one answered, " because we lose peace in anger, so!" but when the other person is standing before us, what is the need of shouting on him, what is the need to say? You can say even in slow voice,

    Sanyasi asked again.
    Some other disciples also tried to answer but the rest were not satisfied.

    Finally the sanyasi explained...
    " when two people are angry with each other, their hearts are very far from each other. And in this state they can't hear each other without shouting... the more they are angry the more the distance between them will be the more and the faster they have to scream. What happens when two people are in love? Then they do not shout, but talk slowly, because their hearts are close, the distance between them remains only "

    The sanyasi continued to speak," and what happens when they love each other more than the limit? Then they don't even speak, they just look at each other and understand the words of the front. "

    Source: Temples of India

    This post is for sharing knowledge only, no intention to violate any copy rights