Faults of Bhishma

Bhishma maintaining his vow is more important than the welfare of his kingdom. He is another hypocrite who claims that he has made an oath to protect and serve the king of Hastinapura. But he forgets the basis of his own oath

To him, protecting his father’s interest is more than protecting the interest of the nation.

Bhishma ’s second fault is that he always wants to protect his own vow and has no real consideration for what is right for the country. When Duryodhana and Dhritarasthra are making wrong decisions, Bheesma’s Dharma was to forget his oath and forcefully remove Dhritarasthra from the Throne, put Duryodhana behind Bars and appoint Yudhisthira as the King.

Bhishma ’s moral intention is to protect Hastinapura but he is the one who is indirectly killing it, by being a slave of the blind king Dhritarasthra.

To Bhishma , his own vow of protecting the king is of greater significance than the actual welfare of the country. He has to protect his vow at all costs, no matter what happens to the country.

He has committed many other faults

  1. Bhishma could not take a stand and punish Duryodhan in the begining itself..when he tried to poison Bhima.
  2. Bhishma should have exposed Duryodhana atleast when he came to know about the laksha grih conspiracy.
  3. When Pandavas were given barren Khandav Prasth,Bhishma kept quiet.
  4. When the Dice game turned out to be the most shameful event in the history of Kuruvamsh,then also Bhishma did not protest effectively..Vidura did.
  5. Bhishma’s most censurable crime was to tolerate the abusing words uttered by an outsider Karna to the daughter-in-law Of Kurus.He was silent through out.
  6. Bhishma conveniently passed Draupadi’s question to Yudhishtir and let the grave insult happen to Panchali before the whole assembly.
  7. Bhishma did not raise his voice when Dussasan dared to touch the garment of Draupadi.He should have punished him there itself.
  8. Bhishma did not throw Karna out of the Sabha ….Whether Duryodhan And Dhritarashtra bear with his act or not,that is secondary..Didn’t Vidura Who was less in stature protest to the best of his ability?
  9. Bhishma could not say what Vikarna said atleast….that Draupadi was the wife of all the five but not of Yudhishtir only.
  10. Amba asked him to marry her after rejection by her lover but he refused..She had every reason to feel shattered..anyone in her place does.
  11. When Duryodhan attempted to expose Pandavas by means of Gograhan,Bhishma gave hints to identify the place they chose to spend their incognito..period.
  12. After the failure of Krishna’s peace mission ,Bhishma became the Chief commander of Kaurava army.I wish he should have refused to be the one..
  13. Bhishma killed ordinary soldiers in thousands..he wanted to prove his loyalty..to Duryodhan.

On nineth night Bhishma told Yudhishtir to let Arjuna keep Sikhandi with him and vanquish him. Why did he say so? He was previously defeated by Arjuna multiple times . When Pitris intervened between him and Parasurama ,they told Parasurama thus..

.. Bhishma is one of the foremost of Vasus! O son, it is fortunate, that thou art still alive! Santanu's son by Ganga--a celebrated Vasu as he is,--how can he be defeated by thee? Desist, therefore, O Bhargava! That foremost of the Pandavas, Arjuna, the mighty son of Indra, hath been ordained by the Self-create to be the slayer of Bhishma!'

Bhishma knew that his fall was ordained to be in Arjuna’s hands. It was destiny.He also knew Sikhandi being Amba in last birth. So he involved both on that fateful day to end his tenure as a warrior..May be he realised Amba’s predicament and felt guilty..

On the whole Bhishma lived his life on his own terms and in that process committed mistakes..He failed to avert the destruction of Kuruvamsh and helplessly watched his people kill each other.

Bhishma’s biggest sin was done towards Draupadi and I believe Arjuna’s arrows redeemed him by causing pain in his vital limbs till he ended his journey on this earth..

Bhishma was a noble soul who did falter but not with intention.

Bhishma was a great devotee of Krishna ..his prayer to Krishna, Bhishma Stuti is very famous.

Bhishma was well versed in all the scriptures..Vishnu Sahasra nAma And Shiva Sahasranama reached us through him only..

Bhishma the grandfather stayed on arrow bed helplessly enduring the pain physically and mentally..That was the punishment he got…

One of the gems recited by Bhishma on his arrow bed in praise of Krishna..

tribhuvanakamanaM tamAlavarNaM ravikaragauravarAmbaraM dadhAne |
vapuralakakulAvRRitAnanAbjaM vijayasakhe ratirastu me.anavadyA || 33||

He ( Krishna) is the most desirable person of the higher, lower and middle worlds. Bluish like tamala tree, He wears His dress that shines like the golden rays of the sun. He has a body decorated with sandalwood pulp and a face like a lotus. May my love free from material motives repose in the friend of Arjuna…

Kisari Mohan Ganguli English Translation Udyoga Parva Section CLXXXVIII


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