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Gitanjali Ghei: The girl who conquered death.

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  • Gitanjali Ghei: The girl who conquered death.

    Gitanjali Ghei: The girl who conquered death

    Gitanjali Ghei was born in Meerut, near Delhi, on June 12, 1961 and spent most of her life in Mumbai, where she received education at the Fort Convent. She was a vivacious girl, with immense sympathy and deep feelings for others. She was also known for her mature thoughts, which earned her the nickname of Chintu Grandma (Little grandma). At the age of 14, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, a fact that everybody tried to conceal from her and her mother. Gitanjali fought with cancer for about two years, an extremely painful battle that devastated her body, and succumbed on August 11, 1977. After her death, several poems and notes written by her were discovered hidden in all kinds of improbable places. She had expressed her innermost thoughts in these writings, but had concealed them, in order to spare her loved ones of further sorrow and grief.

    As a critique once said: " I doubt if there is any second to Gitanjali in the history of poetry, because who else has written so many memorable poems between the age of twelve and fifteen?" He also states that analyzing Gitanjali's work would be akin "to dissect the chants of St John of the Cross, the elegies of Rilke, and the later poems of Tagore."

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