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    Manikarnika Ghat - Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

    Manikarnika Ghat is a famous ghat on the banks of Ganga River in Varanasi. According to a recognition, the karna flower of mother parvati had fallen here in a kund, which was done by Lord shankar ji, the reason that this place was named manikarnika.

    According to another recognition, Lord shankar ji was cremated by the divine body of mother parvati, which is why it is also called mahāśmasāna. Even today the pariwar are the dah cause here. Kashi's aadya shakti peeth vishalakshi ji's temple is located near.

    There are two stories related to this ghat. According to one, Lord Vishnu had dug a kund here from his sudarshan chakra while doing the penance of Shiva. He was filled with his penance at the time of penance. When Shiva came to be happy there, the manikarnika of Vishnu's ear fell into that pond.

    According to the second story, Lord Shiva was not able to get a holiday from his devotees. Goddess Parvati got upset with this and she hid her ear manikarnika and asked shiva to find her. Lord Shiva could not find him and till today, whoever is taken on the ghat, they ask him if he has seen it?

    This is the feature of the ghat, that there are continuously hindu funeral and the pyre of the pyre on the ghat is continuously burning, never able to go out. This is why he is also known as mahāśmaśāna. The second pyre is set on fire until the fire of a pyre is finished, this is how it goes 24 hours. By the way people don't want to go to śmasāna ghat, but here people come to see this ghat from abroad. This ghat is realized that the last truth of life is. Manikarnika Ghat is one of the most famous ghat in the 84 ghats in Varanasi.

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