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Desert blossoms

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  • Desert blossoms

    Fish hook cactus

    Fish hook cactus is the common name for any species with hook shaped spines. This species is very small in size and grows to a height of only 6 or 7 inches. This cactus is similar in shape to the barrel cactus plants.

    Fish hook Cacti are seen in Sonoran Desert of the U.S.A, the Mexican border and the Mesa Verde National Park. They grow on the dry gravely slopes of the desert.

    Fish hook cacti bloom with bright colored flowers with many petals in April and May. They bear red fruits half to one inch long. Hooked spines half an inch long are seen at the nipples surrounded by numerous straight thorns.

    The other names of this cactus is Pincushion cactus, Cork Seed Cactus and Nipple Cactus.