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Yellow evening primrose

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  • Yellow evening primrose

    Yellow Evening Primrose is one of the few native wild flowers in North America. The flower bloom at nights from May to July.

    These flowers stage one of the most startling wild flower displays in the deserts. Their vivid yellow blossoms measure 5 inches across! Individual flowers last only one day! They bloom in the evening and wither the next day.

    Their leaves are narrow, lance shaped and 6 inches long! Short hair on the surface of the leaves give them a silvery sheen. Plant grow in a low and sprawling manner.

    This plant is considered to have many medical properties. It can cure head-aches, induce labor and cure baldness as well as laziness- the first ever known cure for laziness!

    All the parts of this plant are edible.The roots are eaten like potatoes.

    Visalakshi Ramani