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    By the word personality, we mean a person’s style of thoughts and his behavior. The word can be traced to the Physician Hippocrates of ancient Greece (4000 B.C)

    Hippocrates believed that a person’s personality depended on his body fluids known as Humors. Basically the personalities could be divided in to four categories.

    Excessive yellow bile made a person “Choleric’ or angry. Excessive black bile made a person “Melancholic” or sad. Excessive phlegm made a person “Phlegmatic” or lethargic. A person who was free from these three defects was “sanguine” or well adjusted.

    These four types were considered mutually exclusive and all the people will fit into any one of these four types. A person can not be part Choleric and part Melancholic. When the humors are well balanced the person is healthy. When one of the humors is in excess or deficit, it affects the health as well as the personality of a person.

    Choleric person is a doer and a leader. He is ambitious, energetic, passionate, dominant, short tempered and easily irritable. Many political leaders and military leaders fall into this group.

    A Melancholic person is thoughtful, kind, considerate, creative and artistic. He seeks perfection and gets dissatisfied and depressed easily. Poets and artists fall into this group.

    A Phlegmatic person is calm, emotional, self-content, shy, lazy, consistent, relaxed, rational, curious, observant and reliable. Administrators and diplomats fall into this category.

    A Sanguine person is light hearted, fun loving, spontaneous, confident, impulsive, indulgent and entertaining. Day dreamers and indulgers fall into this group.

    As we know variety is the spice of life. It takes up all types of people to make this world an interesting and livable place.

    Visalakshi Ramani