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Why S.A.D?

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  • Why S.A.D?

    “S.A.D” is nothing but the Seasonal Affective Disorder, which sadly affects more women and children than adult males! “Winter-blues” among the women and “the-growing -pain” among children are the most common forms of S.A.D.

    Winter blues may cause an obsessive craving for food and depression. It may make a person irritable, unfocused, sleepy, hungry and angry–all at the same time. The S.A.D victims find their energy drained to such low levels, that leading a normal life becomes very difficult.

    Doctors at the National Institute of Health at Maryland -USA- experimented widely and concluded that the shorter days and the sparse sun light seen in the Autumn and Winter are responsible for the onset of Winter blues.

    The remedy was “The Light Therapy”, in which the victims had to sit in front of Ultraviolet balanced lamps for 2 to 3 hours. The increased hours of “daylight” dispelled the winter blues in a few days.

    The other possible cause for the S.A.D might be the production of a hormone Melatonin, deep inside the brain, by the pineal gland. Melatonin is secreted only in the dark. Daylight halts its production.

    This hormone seems to affect the the sleeping patterns and the emotional state of mind of a person. It may also be responsible in keeping the energy level of the body in rhythm with the cycle of day and night. Probably other hormones, unknown till now, may have a hand in causing the S.A.D.

    Though the actual causes of S.A.D are yet to be pin pointed, its cure has found several new applications already.”The Light therapy” may help a person to overcome jet-lag, as he travels across different time-zones. Workers on night shift and insomniacs may benefit from the Light Therapy.

    Yes! The future of “The Light Therapy” looks very bright indeed!

    Visalakshi Ramani