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“Feeling Left out”?

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  • “Feeling Left out”?

    Left handed people had lived just as the right handed ones, at all times, though in lesser numbers. Today they are about 10 to 15% of the world’s population.

    Each hand is as important as the other. They are complementary since each hand is used in a different but equally important way. The left hand is used for finding, holding and supporting an object while the right hand is used to adjust and manipulate. This division of labor may be due to the differences between the two sides of the brain. They are not identical though they look alike!

    The left side brain, which controls the right hand, is the center of logical thinking. The right brain, which controls the left hand, has strong visual skills.

    Are a high percentage of the artists, with extra ordinary visual skills, left handed? Yes, left handedness is twice as common among artists, as in the general population.

    Until recently, children who were left handed ran the risk of being punished, until they conformed to the majority of children who a right handed.

    People have become more tolerant to the left-handers. Now they are the subjects of engrossing scientific study.

    Visalakshi Ramani