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  • Artificial Blood

    Artificial blood is the life saver of all mankind. Artificial blood can be given to any one, regardless of his blood group and Rh factor. This saves a lot of precious time usually wasted in matching the blood of the donor and recipient.

    Artificial blood is manufactured in a large quantity, when the real blood supply runs short. Since it is chemically prepared, it is free from harmful bacteria and viruses.

    Natural human blood is a wonder fluid–almost impossible to imitate or emulate! The main function of the blood is to carry the supply of oxygen to all the body parts and remove carbon dioxide from them, through the lungs.

    Most forms of artificial blood are derived from fluorocarbon emulsions. They carry oxygen and remove carbon dioxide effectively. But the patient has to deep breathe to reap these benefits.

    The second type of artificial blood makes use of a hemoglobin solution to transport oxygen. In natural blood the hemoglobin is enclosed in a cell membrane so that it does not escape or damage the kidneys.

    But in artificial blood the hemoglobin molecules form clusters. They do not damage the kidneys but are less efficient in carrying the oxygen as compared to the hemoglobin contained in a cell membrane.

    Substitute blood of any kind can be used only as a temporary measure. It tends to suppress the immune system and increase the risk of infection. Natural blood must replace the artificial blood with in a day or two.

    Artificial blood has been a boon in emergency operations like hemorrhaging from the internal organs. The survival rate was dramatically increased from 17% to 80%.

    Painstaking research will surely create in the future a wonderful fluid as good and red as the real blood.

    Visalakshi Ramani