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Garlic Pearls.

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  • Garlic Pearls.

    It is said, “Garlic everyday keeps every body away!” It keeps not only everybody away but also every disease away! Want to know how?

    Garlic had been used through ages as a charm to ward of all evil spirits. It had been a popular remedy for many complaints ranging from dog-bites, constipation, asthma, pimples to athlete’s foot. Its medical properties have been well documented and it has been mentioned even in The Holy Bible.

    In 1900s, garlic was recommended by some doctors as a cure for Tuberculosis. During World War I, it was used to cure dysentery. In World War II, it was widely used on the war wounds to prevent septic poisonings and gangrenes.

    Albert Schweitzer had used garlic to cure cholera and typhus. In Russia it was fondly called as “The Russian Penicillin” and is used to treat colds and flu. In China, garlic had been used to for many centuries, treat high blood pressure.

    Many doctors were skeptic with regard to the many medical qualities attributed to garlic. But scientific evidence supports its curative power as an anti-biotic, a fungicide, a laxative, a diuretic and as an anti-coagulant.

    As early as 1858, Louis Pasteur observed that garlic could destroy small bacteria. In 1985, tests have proved that garlic is effective against, Influenza B and Herpes Simplex.

    It has been proved that garlic lowers blood cholesterol, increases the absorption of vitamin B, benefiting the nervous system. Garlic can inhibit blood clotting. Even half a clove of raw garlic pearl is tremendously beneficial to fight blood clotting.

    In its raw crushed state, garlic contains amino acids, rich in sulphur. This protects against heart diseases. The precise explanation for the medical properties of garlic is not known. But this does not diminish the greatness or the curative properties of garlic in any which way!

    Visalakshi Ramani