PSI phenomena are a collective name given to the various unusual mental phenomena including Telepathy, Precognition, Clairvoyance and Psycho-Kinesis. Ordinary people can perform extraordinary feats, which defy all known physical laws, by entering into their Para normal states of Conscience.

Hidden powers of human mind have been known for a long time. The Society for Psychical Research was formed in England, in 1882. Here all the “PSI” phenomena are subjected to severe scrutiny. High standard of research is maintained. The experiments conducted over a century have yielded remarkable results.

Telepathy is the most widely known PSI phenomenon. In this, the thoughts of one person are transferred to another– no matter by how far they were separated.

Clairvoyance is closely related to telepathy. It is not acquired by any traditional methods or means. Here the knowledge is not passed from one person to another. If a pack of cards is shuffled and a person is able to guess correctly the top card, then it is Clairvoyance.

In Psycho-kinesis, physical objects are moved by the mental force, without actually handling or touching them. Uri Geller had such a strong mental force that he could actually bend spoons, just by looking at them!

Precognition is to know what is going to happen, before it does happen. Many people have reported about their dreams–which later came true.

Extra Sensory Perception known ESP was tested by a simple and easy experiment using Zener cards. These are 25 in number. Each one of these five simple patterns square, circle, plus, star and wavy lines is printed on 5 cards, totaling to 25 cards.

Two persons were put in two separate rooms. One of the persons drew out the cards in random order and the other person guessed it. In one such experiment, a subject was able to guess all the 25 cards correctly, establishing the existence of the power of ESP.

Despite the numerous experiments conducted over a century, much is yet to be discovered with regard to PSI phenomena. The best thing we can do now is to keep our minds open for further discoveries.

Visalakshi Ramani